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To study Italian in Florence is to learn Italian in the city or the arts.
The rich artistic heritage, many cultural events, and its Renaissance monuments make Florence one of the world's most beautiful cities and a unique centre of attraction for visitors from all over the world.
The “Accademia della Crusca” (Academy of Chaff), an Italian society for scholars and Italian linguists and philologists, was founded in Florence on 26th January, 1583 and has always been characterized by its efforts to maintain the purity of the Italian language.
Florence is the city where you can practise and learn the pure Italian language and the culture. Our school participates actively in the city's varied cultural activities, creating an atmosphere of spontaneous and pleasant interaction between Italian and foreign resident.
Giambo Language Division offers courses to learn Italian in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.
Our teachers team are competent, experienced, enthusiastic, friendly, patientand sensitive to the students' needs.


Giambo Language Division organizes tailormade course both one-to-one and for groups, based on linguistic knowledges you need (beginner, intermediate, advanced) :
Monthly – 32 or 48 hours
4 month – 8 or 24 hours a week
For more information contact us, please.


Our approach is to immerse students in the Italian language for the very first time.
The aim, at each level, is to enable the student to acquire understanding of, a familiarity with, grammatical structures and to build vocabulary in a communicative context in class.
Each student will take an income examination in order to estimate the knowledge of their Italian language. Every month we check learning improvement by tests.


Educational material, such as books, photocopies, are not included in the fee. It will be bought directely from school office.

ART COURSES (optional)

Giambo Art Division organizes art courses (art history, drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, majolica, modern mosaics and other opportunities).
Special prices will be practised for Language Division students that wish to learn or improve their knowledge in those fields.

B&B - Special Offer 2014/2015


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