Drawing & Painting

Our painting courses will enable you to acquire a wide range of painting techniques that will allow you to best express your creativity.
Our courses are designed for aspiring artists or professionals looking for new methods ora deeper awareness of the creative processes involved in art.
This course is aimed to initiate the beginner into graphic expression, following a series offundamental exercises. Second and third level courses will improve techical painting throught use supports and brushes, use of primary colors, color armony and tones.
Developing a personal style and expression is encouraged.

This course can open up interesting professional outlooks, on the basis of a throught technical and artistic formation including all the traditional and experimental aspects of this fashinating field.

First level qualification (one year) Beginner

- Drawing still-life and copying
- Drawing from nature and copying perception of external appearance
- Composition
- Light and Shade
- Contrast and armony of Objects
- Ink, gouache, water colour
- Art history
- Photography


Second level qualification (one year)
Prerequisites : art school diploma, first level qualification, or admission examination

- Still-life painting
- Nude drawing
- Geometric compositions
- Landscape
- Composition
- Perspective
- Color Theory
- Oil tecniques
- Stencil
- Collage, Découpage Abstractions
- Art history
- Photography


Third level qualification (one year)
Prerequisites : second level qualification or admission exam (advanced experience in drawing and painting techniques)

- Frescoes and dry frescoes
- Trompe-l'Oeil 
- Old and modern techniques from Giotto to 20th Century
- Art history
- Photography
- Old techniques : tempera,egg, encaustic painting
- Introduction to painting restoration
- Modern techniques of art expression 



- Still-life and copying perception of external appearance
- Composition of light and shade
- Contrast and armony of Objects
- Oil, ink, gouacheCOURSES

Monthly – Beginner-Intemediate-Advanced
start every first Monday from February to June and from September to December (24 or 48 hours)

4 months course – Beginner-Intemediate-Advanced
from March to June and from September to December (90 or 180 hours)

Italian languaguage basic course is needed for students without any knowledge (special price will be applied for enrolled students in Art courses).



Educational materials, such as books, photocopies, are not included in the fee.
It will be bought directely from school office.
Materials specific for exercises will be purchased by the student behind indication of the teacher.

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