Giambo Fashion Division


Since the middle of 20th century, Fashion is one of the most important art expression and creativity.
In Florence, Italy, took place the first fashion show, in Pitti Palace.
Giambo Fashion Division offers prestigious courses dedicated to Fashion.
Our training courses will increase your personal skills in the fashion world.
Our teachers team help to develop all creative ideas of fashion.


- Learning Fashion draw monthly
- History of Fashion monthly
- Fashion design project 4 months
- Intensive basic course professional

Monthly – Beginner-Intemediate-Advanced

start every first Monday from February to June and from September to December (24 or 48 hours)
4 months course – Beginner-Intemediate-Advanced from March to June and from September to December (90 or 180 hours)
Professional training course (yearly) from February to December (600 hours)

Learning Fashion draw

- Stylization of the body fashion-plate proportions
- Light and shade by the colours
- History of Fashion

Fashion design project

- Laboratory of illustration
- Fabrics draping and representation
- Drawing dressed figures, creationing a mini collection of a personalized figure
- Choice and representation of accessories

Intensive Basic Course (one year)

The specialties of the “International Fashion Design ", which make it unique:
- enhancement of the manual, whit a large amount of laboratory’ hours
- very special days, fully dedicated to guided tours of museums, companies, factories and workshops
- a part of the lessons in the final step is devoted to the integration of the “Made in Italy” with the most important forms of art and fashion of our students’ countries
- exhibitions at the end of the course and “get in touch” with thecreative and economic Tuscan circuit.

Working on the way: Knowledge – Demand analysis – Training, the Intensive Basic Course “International Fashion Design" offers a high-level preparation, projected for research and implementation of new forms of Fashion and new artistic codes, where Creativity, Quality, and Contemporary achieve excellent value.

First step
“Tasting Fashion” (30 hours module on February)

-  Laboratory and oral : briefing to launch the creative research
- Laboratory and oral : identification of the level of the students preparedness
- Oral : the expectations of the individual
- Oral : general presentation of the course, stimulating the creative abilities of each character

Second step 
“cycle 1” (300 hours module from March to June)

- Laboratory of colour techniques
- Laboratory and oral : materials 1
- Oral : history of Fashion and contemporary Fashion system
- Laboratory of playing fabrics : creative interventions to approach the pattern
- Laboratory and oral : research and crafts Guided tours (two per month) : companies, factories and workshops, archives, libraries, fairs sector in Florence.

Intermediate exams credits will be done

Summer Holidays : July and August

In this time Studio Giambo will propose some residential workshops in campaign and/or at the sea.
The students can choose our proposals or organize themselves on their own. Summer activities are not included in the fee.

Third step
“cycle 2” (270 hours module from September to December)

- Laboratory and oral : materials 2
- Oral : “Fashion World”, seminar on clothing - accessories - jewelry
- Laboratory : creative labs - accessories
- Laboratory : creative labs - clothing
- Laboratory : creative labs - menswear, childrenswear, knitwear
- Laboratory : illustration for the collection
- Laboratory and oral : collection – concept

Guided tours (one per month) : companies, factories and workshops, archives, libraries, fairs sector in Florence.

Note 1 - the “cycle 1” program is the basic preparatory education. All the exams in the “cycle 1” are mandatory.
Note 2 - Special guided tours and visit of fairs sector in other Italian cities will be organized outside of the program. Participation will be optional, the costs and how to participate will be announced step by step.

Final exam, final credits and exhibition of the works.


Educational materials, such as books, photocopies, are not included in the fee. It will be bought directely from school office.
Materials specific for exercises will be purchased by the student behind indication of the teacher.

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