Who we are

Studio Giambo, a cultural Association, was founded in Florence in 1976 by a group of Italian and foreign artists with the aim of promoting the development of research in art, particularly in the field of Ceramics and Traditional Florentine fine arts. 

Studio Giambo offers a wide variety of art courses in historic downtown Florence, for beginners, intermediate and advanced. First class facilities, and instruction by qualified, certified professionals. Classes are in small groups, which ensures in-depth study of subject chosen in an ideal instructor-student team-work atmosphere. 

Studio Giambo will celebrate in 2001 its 25th year of research and teaching in the field of traditional Florentine arts. Courses offered include drawing, painting and sculpture, as well as all level classes covering the techniques of modern mosaic, glass, ceramics, majolica and either Florentine or modern pottery. Each course is offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and is taught in small groups by certified professionals. In addition to the standard four weeks, three, are offered from October to July. Lessons are not held on National Holidays, Christmas and Easter vacation.

President: SILVIA FOSSATI phone:  +39 333 9344636 
Assigned press: MARIO A. MAZZONI  

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